Geek Fashion!
Never underestimate the style of a Geek!
One day while browsing I came across an article in the e-magazine 'Fashion Gone Rogue'. The article presented the images created by Photographer Anne Combaz and Stylist Benjamin Armand. They created a series of images called 'Geeklandia', showing a model practicing violin, reading a book, sending texts, sitting in a coffee shop, and doing such mundane tasks and still looking gorgeous. A neat way to show beauty with brains. 

It struck me then, all this time I've been shooting Fashion and how did I miss the concept close to my heart. Being a Geeky dorky nerd is one of my favorite things in the world and add a pinch of Fashion and
voilà that's a perfect recipe of awesomeness !

I got to work with a wonderful team of stylists and models who made the shoot not only creative but also really fun. 
Stylist#1: Lynee Ruiz
Stylist#2: Monica Peeters
Model#1: Alisa Chojnacki
Model#2: Allie Cabreza
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